What Did We Learn from NBC’s Interview with Edward Snowden? Treason or Patriotism?

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Image via NBC News' interview with Edward Snowden Image via NBC News’ interview with Edward Snowden

NBC’s Brian Williams had the opportunity to interview Edward Snowden for a 1 hour long segment that aired on May 28. Several new capabilities of the NSA were talked about by Snowden, some of which would cause quite a chilling effect on the American populace, if true.

Well, we all learned that he likes The Wire, which we’ll give to him as completely true.

On the more serious note, Snowden now says that he worked for both the CIA and NSA undercover overseas, and that he was not a simple low-level contractor. In fact, he claims to have been trained as a spy, in the traditional sense.

“When they say that I am a low-level systems administrator, that I don’t know what I am talking about, I’d say it’s somewhat misleading,” Snowden told NBC’s Brian Williams.

Snowden cited the NSA’s ability to…

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VIDEO: 22 Obamacare Horror Stories

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It’s one thing to know that millions of fellow Americans are losing their coverage, or paying more, or losing their doctor. It’s another thing to hear the personal stories from the victims’ mouths. It’s depressing, it’s disgusting, but it’s happening to Americans everywhere. Since the law has yet to be fully implemented, it makes a person wonder: “Could I be next?”

1. “There’s No Way I Can Afford This”: George sees insurance rates triple.

2. Rob can’t change his plan, and no one will help him.

3. Couple loses coverage, racks up $100K in debt while considering more expensive plans.

4. Chad sees his small business insurance plan triple due to new regulations, forced to dump employees into Obamacare fiasco.

5. Julie has leukemia, sees insurance canceled, now pays more. 

6. Virginia small business faces 40 percent increase in insurance costs.

7. Pennsylvania small business employees react to new rates.

8. Dr. Doug says his…

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Peter King Mulls Kamikaze Presidential Run to Sabotage Rand Paul, Ted Cruz

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Is this guy serious?

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) has made it known on multiple occasions that he is no fan of conservative Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Now he’s threatening to declare all-out war on them, or something.

King, who on occasion has intimated that he is mulling a presidential bid, says that he may throw his hat in the 2016 ring just to spite the aforementioned Senators.

I’m looking at this because I see people like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, and…I don’t want the Republican party going in that direction,” King said in a recent appearance on CNN.

King was especially critical of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul during the “Defund Obamacare” campaign, arguing that Republicans should wait until after Obamacare was implemented to fight the law. Since that time, about 6 million Americans have seen their health insurance plans canceled due to the unpopular…

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Election 2014: Tea Party Looks to Build on Early Victories in Key GOP Primaries

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Ben.Sasse-1 Tea Party-backed Ben Sasse speaks as Sarah Palin, Sen. Ted Cruz, Sharon Lee, Sen. Mike Lee, and former Nebraska governor Kay Orr look on.

In 2010 the Tea Party delivered the House of Representatives to the Republican party, stopping the Democrat big government agenda dead in its tracks. Since then, establishment Republicans have fought the Tea Party on tactics and in elections, outspending Tea Party candidates with their vast resources, downplaying Tea Party influence, and even allying themselves with leftist organizations or otherwise misleading voters with dishonest advertisements. Establishment Republicans have expressed contempt for principled conservatives, liberty-lovers, and the Tea Party alike. 

This past Tuesday, the Tea Party proved once again that it is neither dead nor dying, scoring big victories in Nebraska’s Senate primary and West Virginia’s House primary. Ben Sasse overcame the establishment candidate’s dishonest tactics to win in a landslide in Nebraska, and Alex Mooney won easily as well. 


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Detroit’s Downfall a Warning for America

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Detroit_2889 Imagine a place where there are hour-long waits for 911 calls, and two-thirds of all ambulances are inoperable. Half of all street lamps left dark. Eighty thousand houses left vacant for vandals, infestation, and drug addicts. Every other person is a tax cheat, and jobs are scarce—the unemployment rate is more than double the national average. Half of the population is illiterate.

No, you’re not in Zimbabwe or North Korea or District 9. You’re in the Utopian paradise known as Detroit.

This isn’t how it was 50 years ago. In fact Detroit was the crowning jewel of the United States, a booming city with the highest GDP in America. Over two million residents enjoyed a city full of life and promise and prosperity.

Now, people and businesses are leaving. Only 700,000 people remain, with many more leaving every day. The city of Detroit has filed for bankruptcy, 11 billion dollars…

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Review: Former Secret Service Agent Exposes ‘Life Inside the Bubble’

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Dan Bongino burst onto the national scene in 2011 when he resigned his post as a top Secret Service agent and publicly opposed the very President he had previously been tasked with protecting.

His book, Life Inside the Bubble: Why a Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away from it Allis a concise yet eye-opening look at both the life of Bongino as well as his experiences within the D.C. “bubble.” His life story, told with brutal honesty and compelling prose, is one of hardship and ultimate triumph. As a Secret Service agent under Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, Bongino has unique insight into the workings of Washington from an outsider’s perspective, and he is especially critical of President Obama’s administration.

In his book Bongino confirms what many have suspected of the current administration, and he details the events that led him to walk away from a corrupt bureaucracy.

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