VIDEO: 22 Obamacare Horror Stories

Red Millennial

It’s one thing to know that millions of fellow Americans are losing their coverage, or paying more, or losing their doctor. It’s another thing to hear the personal stories from the victims’ mouths. It’s depressing, it’s disgusting, but it’s happening to Americans everywhere. Since the law has yet to be fully implemented, it makes a person wonder: “Could I be next?”

1. “There’s No Way I Can Afford This”: George sees insurance rates triple.

2. Rob can’t change his plan, and no one will help him.

3. Couple loses coverage, racks up $100K in debt while considering more expensive plans.

4. Chad sees his small business insurance plan triple due to new regulations, forced to dump employees into Obamacare fiasco.

5. Julie has leukemia, sees insurance canceled, now pays more. 

6. Virginia small business faces 40 percent increase in insurance costs.

7. Pennsylvania small business employees react to new rates.

8. Dr. Doug says his…

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