UPDATE Mount Vernon Assembly: State Legislators React

Red Millennial

1453342_615497235164034_2054800202_nFed up with an overreaching federal government that overspends, over-regulates, and overtaxes, nearly one hundred state legislators from 32 states met at Washington’s home in Mount Vernon, Virginia, Saturday to discuss an Article V convention of the states for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution.

Many of the delegates took to Twitter and Facebook, expressing their sentiments on this historic gathering.

“I think this was a good start,” writes State Senator Marv Hagedorn of Idaho. “We had 97 very well meaning and sharp legislators from 32 states who are focused on getting a good set of rules in place for when/if an Article V or State called Convention ever occurs.”

Many legislators attended as steadfast proponents of an Article V Convention.

“We are in a state of crisis right now,” said South Dakota State Senator David Omdahl. “With the nuclear option that went on in the Senate, the leadership…

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State Legislators discuss Convention of States at Mount Vernon Assembly

Red Millennial

Approval ratings for Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court are all at record lows, reflecting the public’s dissatisfaction with a runaway federal government. Many are concerned about Washington D.C.’s culture of corruption, entitlement programs on the path to bankruptcy, and a complicated tax code and bureaucracy which stifle both economic growth and liberty.


With this in mind, nearly one hundred state legislators from 32 different states gathered at George Washington’s home in Mount Vernon, Virginia, on Saturday. They met to discuss the possibility of a Convention of the States for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution, as described in Article V of the United States Constitution.

Fed up with the federal government’s overreach, state legislators says that such a convention would meet for the purpose of crafting constitutional amendments to curb the federal government’s abuses. Amendments that are being mentioned include Congressional term limits as well as…

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