Tennessee Becomes Fifth State to Pass Convention of States!

Red Millennial

In a landslide victory, the Tennessee House finished what the Tennessee Senate started last year, approving the Convention of States resolution by a vote of 59-31. Tennessee is the first state in 2016, and the fifth state overall, to approve this measure, which will be considered by 30 other states this year.

“Our founders saw a day when we would need to stop the abuses of a federal government,” said Rep. Sheila Butt, the primary sponsor. “The amendment process that is outlined in Article V of the constitution is their gift to us, we need to display the courage of our Founders and not the timidity of serfs.” A total of 58 other Representatives co-sponsored the resolution.

The Convention of States resolution calls for an Article V Convention that would propose term limits on federal officials, fiscal restraints, and other limits on the federal government. It has now been approved by…

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