Detroit’s Downfall a Warning for America

Red Millennial

Detroit_2889 Imagine a place where there are hour-long waits for 911 calls, and two-thirds of all ambulances are inoperable. Half of all street lamps left dark. Eighty thousand houses left vacant for vandals, infestation, and drug addicts. Every other person is a tax cheat, and jobs are scarce—the unemployment rate is more than double the national average. Half of the population is illiterate.

No, you’re not in Zimbabwe or North Korea or District 9. You’re in the Utopian paradise known as Detroit.

This isn’t how it was 50 years ago. In fact Detroit was the crowning jewel of the United States, a booming city with the highest GDP in America. Over two million residents enjoyed a city full of life and promise and prosperity.

Now, people and businesses are leaving. Only 700,000 people remain, with many more leaving every day. The city of Detroit has filed for bankruptcy, 11 billion dollars…

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