State Legislatures Move on Plan to Circumvent Washington

Red Millennial


Confronted with a federal government that has overstepped its Constitutional limits, and spurred on by a growing grassroots network, several state governments are now considering whether to utilize a provision in the Constitution that could change how D.C. operates.

President Eisenhower said that states should use it to achieve Congressional term limits, while President Reagan vigorously supported it in an unsuccessful effort to add a Balanced Budget provision to the Constitution. Milton Friedman once said, “It is the one device that can effectively bypass the Washington bureaucracy.”


In Article V of the Constitution, the Framers outlined two methods to propose constitutional amendments. The first method is the only one that has ever been used, via Congress, but there is another way—a convention of states, which can be called if two-thirds (34) of the states pass resolutions.

Recognizing that Washington is incapable of fixing itself, state legislators in no less…

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