Book Review: The Liberty Amendments, Mark Levin

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libertamendments“The Statists’ utopia and the Framers’ Constitution cannot coexist.” 

So begins what might be the most intellectually bracing, rational, and thought-provoking book in recent memory. Authored by the preeminent conservative author of our time, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic is a timely yet timeless masterpiece that gives liberty-loving Americans a plan of action.

Mark Levin—an eight-year veteran of the Reagan Administration and a thorn in the side of the EPA thanks to his Landmark Legal Foundation—recognizes that Statism has been eroding the precious liberties that the Founding Fathers labored so arduously to secure.

“The Statists have been successful in their century-long march to disfigure and mangle the constitutional order and undo the social compact.”

The scope of the federal government’s control over the people has reached a tipping point, including a burdensome and complicated tax code, a bureaucracy that stifles free markets and the individual spirit by issuing…

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‘You’ve been sold out’: Bongino Excoriates DC Insiders in Exclusive Interview

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10513351_682190698540361_2746214874549092613_n Dan Bongino speaks to supporters after winning the Republican nomination for Maryland’s 6th Congressional district.

As a top Secret Service agent who had the distinction of serving under three U.S. Presidents, Dan Bongino lived in and observed “the DC bubble” for nearly ten years.

So when he told me, “You’ve been sold out,” I listened. In a recent web ad, he talks about how he watched the administration at work, silently observing in his role as a Secret Service agent: “Whether it was Obamacare, insider tax deals, or insider access to information, they live in an America that you don’t live in. There is zero accountability to you.”

“The interests of the American citizens that the government is designed to serve have been subordinated to the interest groups, both internal and external, to the government itself,” he said to me in a phone interview. “Whether that be the lobbyist on…

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Why Hillary Clinton Will Never Win the White House

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hillaryclinton-for-presidentWritten by Julia Porterfield, Garrett Humbertson, and Seth Connell.

It was nearly prophesied in 2008 that Hillary Clinton was destined to become the President succeeding Bush 43. Yet this did not come to pass. An unknown community organizer from Chicago by the name of Barack Obama surged in the polls, and knocked her out of the race. Thus her chances at the White House were thwarted for another 4 years. After President Obama won re-election in 2012, all eyes headed straight to 2016 like it was the very next day. “Who will run? Mitt Romney? Rand Paul? Andrew Cuomo? Hillary Clinton?”

For the past two years, speculation has been that Hillary Clinton will yet again run for President of the United States. However, events in recent months have started to again thwart the potential ambitions of Mrs. Clinton. The collective opinion of Red Millennial’s Editors is that Hillary Rodham Clinton will…

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Whistleblower: NSA Collects Your Phone Calls, Internet Activity

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7e2d9da7-1635-458b-9166-cccbc48a435d-460x276 William Binney was an intelligence official at the National Security Agency.

A high level whistleblower has revealed that the NSA is recording and storing “80 percent of all audio calls, not just metadata.”

The NSA lies about what it stores,” said William Binney, who left the NSA. Binney said that he thinks the NSA’s efforts are less about terrorism and more about mass surveillance.

The NSA is mass-collecting on everyone,” Binney said, “and it’s said to be about terrorism but inside the US it has stopped zero attacks.” Binney estimates that the government will soon be able to store 966 exabytes of data every year, or all global internet activity. 

Edward Snowden recently revealed that the NSA is also using social media to collect millions of photos of Americans for facial recognition programs. Binney said that he fears that these programs are being abused and that “15 to 20…

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Mark Levin Unveils Ambitious Plan to Save America

Red Millennial

A Republic, madam. If you can keep it.” -Benjamin Franklin

Independence Day reminded me of everything I love about America: The ingenuity and spirit of its people. The courage and genius of the Founders. The eternal principles of its inception. Freedom from Tyranny.

And then I remembered everything that threatens those things for my generation.

An insurmountable debt that imperils the Millennial generation with the promise of hyperinflation, an outdated and complicated tax code that stifles economic growth, tens of thousands of burdensome regulations that drag down businesses, career politicians who care more for personal gain than for the will of the people, and a leviathan of a federal government that encroaches on nearly every syllable of the Constitution.

America is no longer a Constitutional Republic. We are living in a soft Tyranny.” -Mark Levin

The Framers understood that history favors despotism, and that Republics must fight the…

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