Marco Rubio: America Needs a Convention of States

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Speaking before an Iowa crowd yesterday, presidential contender and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio announced that he would push for an Article Five Convention of States in order to achieve new limits on the federal government.

“As President,” said Rubio, “I will put the weight of the presidency behind a constitutional convention of states so we can pass term limits on members of Congress and the Supreme Court and so we can get get a balanced budget.”

“You’ll never get it out of this Congress,” Rubio said. “This is the only way you’ll ever get term limits and a balanced budget.”

Rubio is the third presidential candidate to endorse Convention of States Project, a nationwide grassroots effort that is focused on using Article Five of the Constitution to institute constitutional reforms. Bobby Jindal and Mike Huckabee have also endorsed COS, while several other candidates have expressed their general support

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State Leaders Huddle in Arizona to Consider Constitutional Cure

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State governments are increasingly being beaten down by federal edicts and mandatory spending increases. That’s why state legislators from all over the country are now looking at ways to fight back against a centralized federal government that has grown far beyond its constitutional limits.

Earlier this month in Arizona, hundreds of state legislators gathered to discuss solutions, and the words on everyone’s lips seemed to be “Article Five.”

“We’ve been blessed with this Article Five provision,” Minnesota State Rep. Cindy Pugh said. “Our Founders knew that our federal government would get out of control.”

“Everyone else has to balance their budget. We think the federal government should too,” said State Rep. Bill Patmon of Ohio, who is a strong supporter of invoking Article Five.

“In the past state legislators would say… ‘That’s a federal government problem,'” said State Rep. James White of Texas. “Now people are saying, ‘We want you to deal with it using…

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Trump Refuses to Play Along with Cruz’s Game

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December 14, 2015, should be long remembered as the day that talk radio finally turned on Donald Trump. What provoked this sudden shift? Trump refused to play along with Ted Cruz’s game.

The Setup

For several months Cruz has been the one candidate that has refused to (publicly) criticize Donald Trump, a painfully obvious political strategy that I detail in another article. Talk radio (with the exception of Glenn Beck and a few others) parroted this strategy, daily giving Trump free air time and support despite the fact that the casino mogul cannot articulate conservatism.

The bottomline is that the Cruz campaign made the conscious choice to embrace Trump (they held private meetings together, publicly praised each other over and over for months, and even held a rally together). For Trump, this alliance shored up some support with anti-establishment conservatives.

But Cruz had much more to gain. At the…

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‘Kill the Cancer’: Tom Coburn Urges State Leaders to Act

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In late 2013, retired U.S. Senator Dr. Tom Coburn was diagnosed with Stage Four prostrate cancer, his fourth round with the disease.

“I went to the best physicians I could find,” Coburn related before a captive gathering of hundreds of state legislators on December 3. “I told them, ‘I don’t want you treating my pain.  I want you to kill the cancer. I don’t care what it takes.'”

Coburn was recently declared completely cancer free.

“I stand before you today with no evidence of disease because we aggressively treated the problem, not the symptoms,” Coburn emphasized, calling on the legislators to utilize their constitutional authority to address the nation’s core problem of federal overreach.

“You got to go all the way in order to treat this disease–the concentration of power in Washington that limits our liberty and also our economic success.”

“The Founders gave us this wonderful tool with which to treat the real…

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