What If Congress Were Different?

Red Millennial


Why do we send people to a distant Capitol, where they are surrounded by insiders, and expect things to change?

An overwhelming majority of Americans disapproves of the ruling class—Congress, lobbyists, and the inside-the-beltway insiders. The wealthiest parts of the country surround D.C., despite the fact there is no major industry there.

The commodity that D.C. produces is political influence, and it’s all centered in one place, with corporate lobbyists taking up residence on the infamous K Street. Studies have shown that politicians are primarily influenced by lobbyists and political favors, not constitutional principles or even their constituents. By all accounts, this is well-depicted by the show House of Cards wherein politicians and their staff profit, both politically and financially, via this system.

Many well-intentioned people have promised to clean up Washington D.C., but the problem has only worsened. They are almost always swallowed up by the Washington Machine and become a…

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Indiana is Sixth State to Stick it to Obama

Red Millennial

Convention of States Project activists delivered an incredible victory in the Indiana House on Monday evening, making the Hoosier state the sixth to officially RSVP for this historic event. The COSP resolution, which was passed by a 61-36 margin, seeks to undo much of the damage to the constitutional structure that President Obama and the federal government have created over the past several years.

“Congratulations to Indiana on becoming the sixth state to pass the Convention of States resolution to reclaim state power,” said Mark Meckler, President of Citizens for Self-Governance and co-founder of the Convention of States Project. “Our team in The Hoosier State did a fantastic job, and I’m honored to work with such dedicated patriots. The federal government derives its power from the people and the states, and today marks another step towards reinstating that authority.”

Under an Article V Convention, the several states can meet to propose fiscal restraints…

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