Obama’s Planeteers and their New War on Electricity

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The Obama Administration is set to ring in the new year with costly regulations on the companies that power your home, place of work, and businesses you frequent. So while you’re waiting to watch the ball drop, keep in mind that the cost of almost everything is about to rise.


What Election?

“The more the plans fail, the more the planners plan.” -Ronald Reagan

The President has been a very busy bee since his party, and his policies, were soundly rejected in the 2014 elections. Instead of seeking reconciliation and compromise with Republicans, President Obama has turned to “going it alone” with his “pen and phone.” Since the November elections, the President has unilaterally given legal status to five million illegal aliens, opened up trade relations with Communist Cuba, made a “climate treaty” with China, and declared Alaska’s Bristol Nay off-limits to oil and gas drilling. A recent USA Today study found that President Obama…

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State Legislators Lay Groundwork for a Convention of States

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Washington is the problem, and the states have a solution.

The Assembly of State Legislatures met today at the Naval Heritage Center to discuss rules for an Article V convention, their third meeting in a year’s time.

“An Article V convention offers us the best opportunity to propose solutions that Congress is either unwilling or unable to offer,” said Sen. Jason Holsman of Missouri, speaking to 75 state legislators representing 29 states.

C-SPAN broadcast the proceedings live on its website where the recording is now posted.

The Assembly of State Legislatures is made up of current state legislators who are working to propose a set of procedural rules for an Article V convention. Under Article V of the constitution, states can call a convention to propose…

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WATCH: Mark Levin Rouses State Legislators with a Call to Action

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Mark Levin is a nationally syndicated talk show host and an eight-year veteran of the Reagan administration. Mark Levin is a nationally syndicated talk show host and an eight-year veteran of the Reagan administration.

Mark Levin, one of America’s preeminent conservative thinkers, addressed a group of about 500 state legislators this week with a call to unite against a runaway federal government.

“You are the last line of defense of liberty,” Levin said, imploring the legislators to utilize Article V of the Constitution to “limit the entrenchment of Washington’s ruling class” and “take your power back.”

“In Washington today we have an ongoing constitutional convention,” Levin said. “Rather than the branches checking and balancing each other, they are re-enforcing each other.”

Levin emphasized that the Framers of the Constitution gave the states the ability to act via Article V.

“Acting together, the state legislatures have more power than the entire federal government,” Levin told the crowd. Under Article V, state delegates can meet to propose amendments to the federal Constitution once two-thirds…

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Government Plunders Millennials

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Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.” -Herbert Hoover

Imagine your friend makes $28,000 a year, but he or she is spending $38,000 a year, taking up loans and racking up credit card debt to the tune of $167,000. They don’t have a plan to get a better job, a retirement plan, nor any way to pay the bills. You would say your friend is being irresponsible, right? They have a problem, and a big one.

That’s exactly what our federal government is doing, with our money.

Over the past 12 years, the United States national debt has increased from under $6 trillion to over $16 trillion. If you break that down by taxpayer, it’s almost $150,000 per taxpayer. Over the past few years, the government has spent $1 trillion more than it has collected in taxes, each year.

debt5Don’t forget, we pay interest on…

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Up2Date w/ Garrett Humbertson

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Garrett Humbertson grew up in Western Maryland by two exemplary Christian parents. Their example taught him that if you work hard in America and follow God, you can be whatever you want. This instilled in Garrett a deep-seeded belief in the singularity of the United States, that the special Judeo-Christian heritage of America is what made it the most prosperous nation on earth. With a passion for writing and film, he obtained a Bachelors degree in Video Broadcasting at Liberty University, along with a Minor in Government Policy, and is now pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts in Script and Screenwriting at Regent University.


Julia Porterfield: Why are you Conservative?

Garrett Humbertson: Being Conservative simply means that I favor the preservation of America’s founding principles. The aim of the Founding Fathers in designing this Constitutional Republic was to ensure a government that was of, for, and by the people. Government is…

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