‘Rally for the Republic’ Boosts Virginia Convention of States Effort

Red Millennial

A cold, wintry mix did not deter nearly one hundred volunteers from making their voices heard at their Rally for the Republic on the snowy grounds of the Virginia capitol this morning.

Michael Farris, the co-founder of Convention of States Project, gave a stirring speech to the crowd on the same day that Virginia’s House Rules Committee would consider a resolution to call an Article V convention for the expressed purpose of placing new limits on the federal government. 10945645_863964170317203_505771351339715216_nGeorge Mason said that someday we are going to reach a point where the government we are creating will abuse its authority, and when that day happens, we are going to need a process for structural changes to reign in on the abuse of powers,” said Farris, who also founded Patrick Henry College.

Many attendees of the event drove several hours, including Jon Stancik who is a District…

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Here’s Why Conservatives Should Moderate a Presidential Debate

Red Millennial


People have been talking about it for a while. RNC head Rience Priebus himself raised the possibility, and now the RNC’s list of sanctioned televised presidential debates includes “Conservative Media Debate.” The problem is that there are no concrete plans for such a debate, which the RNC has labeled “pending” and “TBD.”

Fox News, CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC will each host at least one debate with the Republican presidential candidates, but last year’s endless string of debates left both the candidates and the voters frustrated. Why? Because the mainstream media moderators ask questions that are often inflammatory, loaded, or otherwise inconsequential to most Republican voters.

Who can forget Newt Gingrich slapping down the moderators and getting a tidal wave of support during the 2012 cycle? The Republican base is suspicious of the mainstream media, and for good reason. Moderators from television news outlets often lean left and encourage…

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