Election 2014: Tea Party Looks to Build on Early Victories in Key GOP Primaries

Red Millennial

Ben.Sasse-1 Tea Party-backed Ben Sasse speaks as Sarah Palin, Sen. Ted Cruz, Sharon Lee, Sen. Mike Lee, and former Nebraska governor Kay Orr look on.

In 2010 the Tea Party delivered the House of Representatives to the Republican party, stopping the Democrat big government agenda dead in its tracks. Since then, establishment Republicans have fought the Tea Party on tactics and in elections, outspending Tea Party candidates with their vast resources, downplaying Tea Party influence, and even allying themselves with leftist organizations or otherwise misleading voters with dishonest advertisements. Establishment Republicans have expressed contempt for principled conservatives, liberty-lovers, and the Tea Party alike. 

This past Tuesday, the Tea Party proved once again that it is neither dead nor dying, scoring big victories in Nebraska’s Senate primary and West Virginia’s House primary. Ben Sasse overcame the establishment candidate’s dishonest tactics to win in a landslide in Nebraska, and Alex Mooney won easily as well. 


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