Review: Former Secret Service Agent Exposes ‘Life Inside the Bubble’

Red Millennial


Dan Bongino burst onto the national scene in 2011 when he resigned his post as a top Secret Service agent and publicly opposed the very President he had previously been tasked with protecting.

His book, Life Inside the Bubble: Why a Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away from it Allis a concise yet eye-opening look at both the life of Bongino as well as his experiences within the D.C. “bubble.” His life story, told with brutal honesty and compelling prose, is one of hardship and ultimate triumph. As a Secret Service agent under Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, Bongino has unique insight into the workings of Washington from an outsider’s perspective, and he is especially critical of President Obama’s administration.

In his book Bongino confirms what many have suspected of the current administration, and he details the events that led him to walk away from a corrupt bureaucracy.

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