Election Results Put a Balanced Budget Amendment, Congressional Term Limits Within Reach

Red Millennial

The year 2014 will go into the history books as a wave election for Republicans. They took control of both houses of Congress, not to mention the election of several Republican governors (including in dark blue states like Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland). The United States now has 31 Republican governors.

2014_PartyComp_11-6-14The most important and impressive victories, however, were in the state legislatures. Of the 99 legislative chambers in the United States, Republicans flipped control in 10 chambers for a total of 69 chambers. That means that Republicans have majorities of both houses in 30 states and 70 percent of the legislative bodies. Additionally, Nebraska has a non-partisan unicameral legislature that typically leans Republican. Those numbers are historic in the modern era, but consider that there are also eight states where the legislature is split with Republicans controlling one of the two legislative bodies. Only 11 states have Democratic majorities…

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