Bongino Given ‘Tremendous Compliment’ by DC Insider: ‘He won’t do s*** for us’

Red Millennial

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Dan Bongino, a self-described “conservatarian” running for Congress to represent Maryland’s 6th district, has publicly wondered why, despite tremendous grassroots support, the Republican establishment is refusing to support his campaign:

What’s your reason for ignoring me, and the many others fighting for this magical country’s tomorrows? Do I not fit into your box? Is it my youth, my message, or is it that I haven’t firmly planted my lips on your rear-end?

I’m a Republican because I believe liberty matters and we should not surrender OUR party to cronyists and connected-insiders. 

10584051_717305658362198_7245285598306522531_n (1)The 39 year-old former Secret Service agent and small business owner has raised nearly one million dollars, mostly on small individual donations, drawing enthusiastic grassroots support in a district that had a Republican Congressman from 1993 through 2012.

This past week, Bongino got his answer.

I was paid a tremendous compliment recently, although it wasn’t intended…

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