An American Resolution

Red Millennial

I’m convinced 2016 is going to be a monumental year for America. There are things that greatly concern me about what is happening in America. In the past that would have discouraged me. I now see that there is great reason to hope. I see great evidence that Americans are waking up and working to take back their liberty.

With this in mind, I wrote down a few reminders for myself.

act with courage, for fear breeds apathy.
never settle for injustice, for that is its own EVIL.
believe in the enduring idea of America, because she is worth fighting for.
be part of the solution, RATHER THAN just complain about the problems.
stand for liberty, here and now, because future generations deserve an America that is more prosperous and free.

But perhaps a World War I soldier said it best in a letter to his…

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