State Leaders Huddle in Arizona to Consider Constitutional Cure

Red Millennial

State governments are increasingly being beaten down by federal edicts and mandatory spending increases. That’s why state legislators from all over the country are now looking at ways to fight back against a centralized federal government that has grown far beyond its constitutional limits.

Earlier this month in Arizona, hundreds of state legislators gathered to discuss solutions, and the words on everyone’s lips seemed to be “Article Five.”

“We’ve been blessed with this Article Five provision,” Minnesota State Rep. Cindy Pugh said. “Our Founders knew that our federal government would get out of control.”

“Everyone else has to balance their budget. We think the federal government should too,” said State Rep. Bill Patmon of Ohio, who is a strong supporter of invoking Article Five.

“In the past state legislators would say… ‘That’s a federal government problem,'” said State Rep. James White of Texas. “Now people are saying, ‘We want you to deal with it using…

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