Trump Refuses to Play Along with Cruz’s Game

Red Millennial

December 14, 2015, should be long remembered as the day that talk radio finally turned on Donald Trump. What provoked this sudden shift? Trump refused to play along with Ted Cruz’s game.

The Setup

For several months Cruz has been the one candidate that has refused to (publicly) criticize Donald Trump, a painfully obvious political strategy that I detail in another article. Talk radio (with the exception of Glenn Beck and a few others) parroted this strategy, daily giving Trump free air time and support despite the fact that the casino mogul cannot articulate conservatism.

The bottomline is that the Cruz campaign made the conscious choice to embrace Trump (they held private meetings together, publicly praised each other over and over for months, and even held a rally together). For Trump, this alliance shored up some support with anti-establishment conservatives.

But Cruz had much more to gain. At the…

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