Can We Have the Best Military and a Balanced Budget?

Red Millennial

The short answer is: yes, of course.

But listening to some Republicans, like Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham, you’d think you could only have one or the other. In their view, you either want the best national defense in the world, or you’re an isolationist. You either spend the country into bankruptcy, or you want America to be weak militarily.

This is a false choice.

When Rubio proposes $1 trillion in new military spending, is it wrong to ask how he’s going to pay for it? Rubio and others can demagogue the issue and call people “isolationists,” but that dodges the fundamental issue of fiscal sanity.

Suppose Rubio were to propose $10 trillion in new defense spending, or $20 trillion, and someone asked how he planned on paying for it. Should the military get a blank check, meaning that whatever dollar number a politician throws out there is legitimate and valid?

It’s true…

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