Viral Video: Mike Lee, Rand Paul Slam Congress for Raiding Social Security in Dead of Night

Red Millennial

A video posted on Sen. Mike Lee’s Facebook page has gone viral, accumulating about 20 million views since Friday when it was posted. The two minute video shows Sen. Rand Paul slamming his colleagues for colluding in the dead of night to steal $150 billion dollars from Social Security. Paul called the Senators “junkies addicted to spending.”

“You’re all guilty of it, right and left,” Paul said to his colleagues. “You’re going to take money out of the Social Security fund and spend it on an immediate fix…like what a junkie does.”

The video has accumulated more viewers than the CNBC Republican debate.

Lee wrote in the Facebook post, “I would like to thank Senator Rand Paul for leading the fight to protect to Social Security from the thieves in Washington, who seem to think that if they steal from the American people at night while they are sleeping that they will get…

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