The Reason Why Conservative Talkers are Covering for Trump

Red Millennial

For weeks I’ve been scratching my head over why some of my favorite conservative commentators have been giving Donald Trump a free pass on so many issues. Three of the most-listened to conservatives in America–Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin–among others, have spent many hours defending Trump and giving him extra air time.

Meanwhile, others are raising questions about his conservative bonafides. Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Erik Erickson, and other conservative stalwarts have been adamant in their criticisms of Trump.

I have listened to Levin religiously for about eight years, and I became confused by the fact that he would not nail Trump on his obvious disregard for liberty principles. My frustration came to a head after the second debate when Levin and others went after Carly Fiorina for some of her past positions.

While Fiorina isn’t my first choice, the knee-jerk reaction to immediately attack Fiorina struck me…

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