VIDEO: Grassroots Leader Rallies State Legislators Against DC

Red Millennial

In the wake of recent Supreme Court rulings and executive power grabs on the part of President Obama, leaders in state legislatures are considering ways of curbing the power of the federal government.

Enter Convention of States Project, a nationwide grassroots organization working to restore the balance of power to the states and to the people. Mark Meckler, the co-founder of COS, recently spoke before a standing-room-only crowd made up of state legislators from across the country.

“You have a historic role to play” said Meckler. “You’ve been given a solemn responsibility by the Founders, and the Founders asked you to stand. They asked you to be the last line of defense for liberty!”

“Who is there to protect us when five Supreme Court justices behave so unconstitutionally?” Meckler asked. “The answer is: you. The Founders gave you the answer. The Founders wrote a note to you personally in Article V, and…

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