‘Be Leaders Among Leaders’: Video of Utah Legislator’s Inspiring Call to Action

Red Millennial

Congress may have a deficit of leadership, but there is a growing movement in the state legislatures to restore the balance of power in America.

One of the leaders who has emerged is Utah State Rep. Ken Ivory. A strong advocate of American Lands Council and Convention of States Project, Ivory gave an impassioned speech before about 150 of his colleagues from across the country.

“Leaders stepped up to establish an experiment in liberty, in self government, in self-determination,” Ivory said. “And among those leaders, there were leaders. There were doubts and there were risks…and yet the leaders among leaders understood it was a wonderful time to be alive. Be leaders among leaders.”

At an event where Convention of States Project unveiled a draft of the rules for a future Article V convention, Ivory urged his fellow legislators to pursue such a convention to limit the power of the federal government…

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