Second Video of Planned Parenthood Exec Haggling Over Price of Fetal Body Parts

Red Millennial

Earlier today The Center for Medical Progress released a second video of a high-level Planned Parenthood executive talking about the organization’s practice of selling fetal parts.

This time it’s Dr. Mary Gatter, President of Planned Parenthood’s Medical Directors’ Council, who is seen in an undercover video haggling over the price of “specimens.” In the video Gatter speaks with two actors who she believes are representatives of a biotech operation.

Under US law it is illegal to sell human organs, however it’s possible that Planned Parenthood is exploiting legal loopholes.

In the first video, a different Planned Parenthood executive was shown talking about how abortionists extract in-tact fetal organs without “crushing” them in the course of an abortion. She went on to suggest dollar amounts for “specimens.”

Planned Parenthood apologized for the “tone” of the first executive while asserting that they are only donating fetal tissue and do not profit from this practice.

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