From Obamatrade to SCOTUScare: Can a New President Fix DC?

Red Millennial

In a period of just 24 hours, two staggering things happened. Yesterday the legislative branch gave the executive branch extra-constitutional powers on trade, effectively allowing the administration to steamroll any effort to stop at least three upcoming secret trade bills.

Today the judicial branch effectively bypassed the legislative branch to rewrite health care law and give the executive branch unconstitutional powers.

We the people gave Republicans the Senate on their promise that they would stand up to President Obama and stop his overreaching agenda. Not only have they repeatedly broken this promise, they have actually collaborated with him on legislation that most Americans simply don’t want–like Obamatrade.

As the Framers of the American Constitution knew all too well, separation of powers is critical in order to prevent tyranny. However, today we have a ruling class in Washington that is undeterred by this governing principle.

Instead the judicial, legislative, and executive…

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