Inside the Fight for a Convention of States

Red Millennial

Our friends at OUTSET Magazine have a great update on the movement to call an Article V convention, including several interviews with leaders at Convention of States Project and how the organizations is attracting millennials to the cause.

Red Millennial has endorsed Convention of States Project as the constitutional solution to a runaway federal government. COS Project was co-founded by Michael Farris, Chancellor of Patrick Henry College, and Mark Meckler of Tea Party Patriots.

OUTSET reports:

The Project is working through state legislators in a revolutionary way to call for an Article V convention with the purpose of limiting the size, scope, and jurisdiction of the federal government.

While there are many ideas for specific amendments, most agree to three things they would like to see the convention pass: a balanced budget amendment, term limits for Federal offices (including federal judges), and limits to the government’s power and jurisdiction.

“What’s missing…

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