Democrats Should Nominate Martin O’Malley for President

Red Millennial

In the Democrat primary race to be the party’s presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton currently leads every poll, both nationally and in state-wide polls. However, there is another candidate who I believe would be a better fit for the Democrat Party. His name is Martin O’Malley, the former governor of my home state of Maryland.

Since Elizabeth Warren has declined to run for President, O’Malley is gaining traction as a formidable challenger. He has been aggressive in campaigning in the early states, meeting early and often with donors and local leaders. With all of Clinton’s baggage, not to mention the daily barrage of new scandals, Democrat leaders are nervously looking for alternatives.

I believe Democrats must coalesce behind Martin O’Malley. Perhaps even more-so than Hillary Clinton, O’Malley epitomizes the heart of the Democrat Party.

Today O’Malley announced his campaign from Baltimore where he was mayor from 1999 to 2006. With an…

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