Answering Concerns about a Convention of States

Red Millennial

As many of our readers know, Red Millennial has endorsed Convention of States Project as the only solution big enough to confront the problem of federal overreach. RM’s Chief Policy analyst Seth Connell has written in favor of the Article V process but recently expressed his concerns.

Like Seth, I too had questions about the process. In fact some of its most ardent advocates, including Mark Levin, were once skeptical of an Article V convention. With Seth’s permission, I’ve penned a brief set of answers to his questions, considering the safeguards against the scenarios he proposes.

Do we really want a Leftist like George Soros supporting the movement?

Leftist billionaire George Soros and his Wolf PAC have indeed supported an Article V convention of states, but a different kind than the one Convention of States Project proposes. Wolf PAC’s resolution seeks to overturn Citizens United, but it would not…

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