Does the USA Freedom Act Really Stop the NSA from Spying on You?

Red Millennial

During Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster of the Patriot Act over its surveillance programs, both Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee took to the Senate floor to support Paul. However, Cruz and Lee spoke in favor of the USA Freedom Act while Paul said that bill would need significant reforms to satisfy him.

Advocates of the Freedom Act claim it will reform the NSA’s spying on Americans, but security experts and a growing number of congressmen say that it won’t change much of anything. The bill is putting some of Congress’s most ardent defenders of liberty, including a few presidential candidates, at odds.

“What no one wants to say out loud is that (the USA Freedom Act) is a big win for the NSA, and a huge nothing burger for the privacy community,” said a former senior intelligence official. Some officials think that the Freedom Act opens the door for the NSA to…

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