Republicans Can Do Better than Big Government Huckabee

Red Millennial

Mike Huckabee claims to be a limited government conservative, but his record as Governor of Arkansas paints a different picture.

Tax Addict: He raised several taxes, including the gas tax, sales tax, and even a tax on beds in nursing homes, for a total of about $500 million in tax increases. The average Arkansan saw their tax burden increase by 47 percent, a larger increase than when Bill Clinton was governor.

Incentivizing Illegal Immigration: He supported scholarships for illegal immigrants, a stance that he still defends.

Rotten Core: Huckabee was an ardent supporter of Common Core before he flip-flopped.

Forgiving Felons: Huckabee also pardoned hundreds of convicted felons, and one of those men went on to kill four police offers.

Crony Capitalist: Huckabee has been a proponent of government subsidies.

Huck-splaining: And my all-time favorite is when a video emerged of him asking the Arkansas…

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