New Video Proves the Media Got the Secret Service Story Dead Wrong

Red Millennial

You may have heard the media reports that two Secret Service agents drove drunk through a crime scene and crashed into the White House barricades. Thanks to newly-released video footage, we now know those allegations were remarkably false, despite the media uproar.

ABC News reports:

Video of the incident released Tuesday shows no drama, no collision and at most, a low-speed vehicle maneuver which bumped a temporary traffic barrel out of the path of the entrance of the White House complex. The video has a limited view, but does not show indications of a particularly active crime scene.

As far as I know, Dan Bongino, who is a veteran of the agency, was the first and only one to defend the agents when this story first broke. The event, such as it was, happened around 7:30 PM EST, not exactly the “late night car accident at White House” that The Washington Post claimed.

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