Palin, Cuccinelli, Levin Join Virginia Convention of States Push

Red Millennial

Three stalwarts in the anti-establishment liberty movement came out strong for the Convention of States Project effort in Virginia on Saturday. Sarah Palin, Ken Cuccinelli, and Mark Levin all authored pieces on social media that encouraged the Virginia legislature to pass the movement’s resolution calling for convention of states to limit the power of the federal government, under Article V of the US Constitution.

Article V says states can hold a convention for proposing amendments to the US Constitution when two-thirds (34) of the states pass similar resolutions.

The all-out blitz comes just days ahead of a vote in the Virginia legislature, and just days after some 100 activists showed up at the Virginia capitol to encourage legislators to adopt the resolution.

In the past month, sixteen other states have announced they would consider this resolution, and many more are expected to do the same. Alaska, Georgia, and Florida all officially ratified…

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