Obama’s Planeteers and their New War on Electricity

Red Millennial

The Obama Administration is set to ring in the new year with costly regulations on the companies that power your home, place of work, and businesses you frequent. So while you’re waiting to watch the ball drop, keep in mind that the cost of almost everything is about to rise.


What Election?

“The more the plans fail, the more the planners plan.” -Ronald Reagan

The President has been a very busy bee since his party, and his policies, were soundly rejected in the 2014 elections. Instead of seeking reconciliation and compromise with Republicans, President Obama has turned to “going it alone” with his “pen and phone.” Since the November elections, the President has unilaterally given legal status to five million illegal aliens, opened up trade relations with Communist Cuba, made a “climate treaty” with China, and declared Alaska’s Bristol Nay off-limits to oil and gas drilling. A recent USA Today study found that President Obama…

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