Up2Date w/ Garrett Humbertson

Red Millennial

Garrett Humbertson grew up in Western Maryland by two exemplary Christian parents. Their example taught him that if you work hard in America and follow God, you can be whatever you want. This instilled in Garrett a deep-seeded belief in the singularity of the United States, that the special Judeo-Christian heritage of America is what made it the most prosperous nation on earth. With a passion for writing and film, he obtained a Bachelors degree in Video Broadcasting at Liberty University, along with a Minor in Government Policy, and is now pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts in Script and Screenwriting at Regent University.


Julia Porterfield: Why are you Conservative?

Garrett Humbertson: Being Conservative simply means that I favor the preservation of America’s founding principles. The aim of the Founding Fathers in designing this Constitutional Republic was to ensure a government that was of, for, and by the people. Government is…

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