How Obama Learned to Stop Worrying About the Constitution and Love the Illegal Amnesty

Red Millennial


President Obama’s recent executive action reportedly gives amnesty and work permits to approximately five million illegal aliens, effectively nullifying current immigration law. Obama’s executive amnesty is a reckless attack on rule of law, separation of powers, and consent of the governed: the fundamentals of a free society.

Don’t take my word for it. President Obama himself was against the imperial amnesty before he was in favor of it, and he actually stated that it would be illegal for him to make such a decree.

For the case against Obama’s illegal amnesty, one need only look to Obama’s own speeches. President Obama has publicly said, on at least 25 occasions, that he does not have the constitutional authority to “go it alone” on amnesty. “That’s not how our democracy works,” he said to a mostly Latino audience. Back in 2010, Obama even made the case that amnesty would encourage illegal…

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