Is it over? Israel, Hamas agree to ceasefire

Red Millennial


Despite some misgivings from his cabinet, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has agreed to an Egypt-brokered ceasefire agreement with Hamas. The news arrives less than 24 hours after Israeli airstrikes reduced Hamas headquarters to rubble, which can be seen in a stunning video.

The agreement eases restrictions on Gaza and allows relief aid and other materials to enter through the coast. Hamas claimed victory, despite the loss of their headquarters. Their statement and the nature of the ceasefire agreement seems to indicate that the conflict is over–for now. The Israeli offensive started on July 8.

Upon news of the deal, Palestinians were seen taking to the streets, waving jihadi and Hamas flags in celebration.  Meanwhile, most of Netanyahu’s cabinet reportedly opposed the ceasefire, but he overruled them. Many Israeli leaders have expressed skepticism about the deal. Israel has accepted several ceasefires, but Hamas has previously broken every one of them.

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