‘You’ve been sold out’: Bongino Excoriates DC Insiders in Exclusive Interview

Red Millennial

10513351_682190698540361_2746214874549092613_n Dan Bongino speaks to supporters after winning the Republican nomination for Maryland’s 6th Congressional district.

As a top Secret Service agent who had the distinction of serving under three U.S. Presidents, Dan Bongino lived in and observed “the DC bubble” for nearly ten years.

So when he told me, “You’ve been sold out,” I listened. In a recent web ad, he talks about how he watched the administration at work, silently observing in his role as a Secret Service agent: “Whether it was Obamacare, insider tax deals, or insider access to information, they live in an America that you don’t live in. There is zero accountability to you.”

“The interests of the American citizens that the government is designed to serve have been subordinated to the interest groups, both internal and external, to the government itself,” he said to me in a phone interview. “Whether that be the lobbyist on…

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