Why Hillary Clinton Will Never Win the White House

Red Millennial

hillaryclinton-for-presidentWritten by Julia Porterfield, Garrett Humbertson, and Seth Connell.

It was nearly prophesied in 2008 that Hillary Clinton was destined to become the President succeeding Bush 43. Yet this did not come to pass. An unknown community organizer from Chicago by the name of Barack Obama surged in the polls, and knocked her out of the race. Thus her chances at the White House were thwarted for another 4 years. After President Obama won re-election in 2012, all eyes headed straight to 2016 like it was the very next day. “Who will run? Mitt Romney? Rand Paul? Andrew Cuomo? Hillary Clinton?”

For the past two years, speculation has been that Hillary Clinton will yet again run for President of the United States. However, events in recent months have started to again thwart the potential ambitions of Mrs. Clinton. The collective opinion of Red Millennial’s Editors is that Hillary Rodham Clinton will…

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