Mark Levin Unveils Ambitious Plan to Save America

Red Millennial

A Republic, madam. If you can keep it.” -Benjamin Franklin

Independence Day reminded me of everything I love about America: The ingenuity and spirit of its people. The courage and genius of the Founders. The eternal principles of its inception. Freedom from Tyranny.

And then I remembered everything that threatens those things for my generation.

An insurmountable debt that imperils the Millennial generation with the promise of hyperinflation, an outdated and complicated tax code that stifles economic growth, tens of thousands of burdensome regulations that drag down businesses, career politicians who care more for personal gain than for the will of the people, and a leviathan of a federal government that encroaches on nearly every syllable of the Constitution.

America is no longer a Constitutional Republic. We are living in a soft Tyranny.” -Mark Levin

The Framers understood that history favors despotism, and that Republics must fight the…

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