Green Kills? VA Spent Millions Installing Solar Panels While Veterans Died

Red Millennial

VAT2 Photo 5s The Veterans Administration spent $78 million retrofitting hospitals in about 20 cities with solar panels.

An editorial in yesterday’s edition of The Washington Times blasts the Veterans Administration for focusing so much of its time on installing new solar panels while denying care to veterans.

Nearly two-dozen VA facilities have dedicated resources to outfitting their buildings with solar power, but the Phoenix VA Health Care System was especially guilty. That hospital spent $20 million on the energy project even while 20 American heroes died at the facility due to incompetence. The VA even posted an extensive list of “Green Management Programs” on its website.

The installation of solar panels appears to be part of the Obama Administration’s green initiative. According to the White House’s website, the VA was awarded $78 million in 2010 in order to retrofit their facilities with “green energy.”

“This initiative is good for Veterans…” said VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.

Shinseki resigned from his post…

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