Terrorists Continue March Toward Baghdad, Pentagon Sends Warships to Gulf

Red Millennial

Anbar Clashes

The United States has sent an aircraft carrier and two other warships to the Gulf to provide “additional flexibility.” The USS George H.W. Bush possesses 50 armed aircraft and is equipped with an array of anti-ship and anti-air missiles.

Iraq is spiraling out of control as the militant ISIS has taken control of nearly half the country and continues its march toward Baghdad. President Obama has ruled out ground operations, but airstrikes are still on the table.

ISIS has committed summary executions by firing squad, beheading, and crucifixion on its way to capturing two of the largest cities in Iraq. The terrorist organization grew out of al Qaeda with a goal of creating a Sharia-law state that would severely limit women’s rights, ban television, and impose cruel punishments for violations of the law.

After robbing the Mosul central bank earlier this month, ISIS became the richest terrorist organization in the world with a heist…

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