Mt. Vernon Assembly Reconvenes in Indianapolis to Talk Convention of States

Red Millennial

mt-vernon-assembly (1)State legislators representing more than 30 states will meet Thursday and Friday at the Indianapolis capitol building to discuss a future Article V convention of states.

Rep. Chris Kapenga of Wisconsin, who is helping to organize the meeting along with Sen. David Long of Indiana, said that they will be looking to lay the groundwork for a future convention, not discussing specific amendments. However, many of the attendees have spoken openly of their intentions to pursue a balanced budget amendment, Congressional term limits, and limits to the federal bureaucracy.

“The authors of the Constitution included a state-led amendment option as a check on a runaway federal government,” Long said. “The dysfunction we see in Washington, D.C., provides an almost daily reminder of why this option is needed now more than ever.”

The Mount Vernon Assembly first met in December and is planning to meet again this coming December.

Three state legislatures…

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