Conservative Leaders Unite Behind Convention of States Movement

Red Millennial

Screen-Shot-2014-05-22-at-10.48.39-PM-628x330When conservative author and talk show host Mark Levin launched his ambitious project to restore America, it reenergized a nationwide movement that is working to utilize a little-known constitutional provision in order to restrain the federal government.

Article V of the Constitution outlines two methods by which the foundational document can be amended. The first method is the only one that has ever been used—proposal by Congress. The other method is a convention of states, which can be achieved if two-thirds (34) of the states pass similar applications.

Since the release of Levin’s book, three state legislatures (Alaska, Florida, and Georgia) have passed resolutions that apply for an Article V convention of states that would meet to craft constitutional amendments that would “impose fiscal restraints on the Federal Government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the Federal Government, and limit the terms of office for federal…

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