Exclusive Video Interview: 22 Year-Old Seeks Political Office

Red Millennial

Allegany County may be a long way from the state government in Annapolis, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t felt the effects of the legislature’s propensity for heavy-handed regulations, not to mention the numerous (and oftentimes creative) tax increases.

The remote county in Western Maryland has faced stagnant job creation and population decreases for decades. That’s why 22 year-old Jake Shade is hoping to bring his bold economic ideas to fruition as County Commissioner in Allegany County of Maryland.

“The state of Maryland has big issues,” Shade said in an exclusive video interview with Red Millennial. “Since Martin O’Malley has taken over, there’s been over 80 tax increases, our budget’s gone up over $8 billion, and we’re still running deficits. What that means for our county is that we’re going to get less aid.”

When it comes to Allegany County’s economic outlook, Shade doesn’t mince words.

“We have big…

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