Senator Sean Hannity? Never Say Never

Red Millennial


You’ve probably heard that Sean Hannity is leaving the state of New York, which likely means he’ll be giving up his television show. So what’s next for the outspoken Conservative?

After Gov. Andrew Cuomo insulted conservative New Yorkers and said they’re not welcome, Hannity said that he’s done. He will be taking his tax dollars elsewhere, either Texas or Florida.

When I first heard about it, I assumed he was just making a point. However, he revealed on his television program that he has had conversations with his wife, and they are planning on leaving the dark Blue state after his Fox News contract runs out in 2016 and his children graduate from high school.

Hannity named Texas and Florida as the top two states he will consider, but it appears he is leaning toward Florida: “I like the water and fishing.” He also has a vacation house in Florida…

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