Obama Administration Targets Skeptical Millennials to Keep Obamacare Afloat

Red Millennial

100113_doocy_obamacare_640Capturing the utter catastrophe known as “the Obamacare rollout” is a dubious endeavor, so allow me to give you the bottom line: Obamacare needs 7 million paying enrollees by March 31 to be financially viable, but in the past three months, only an estimated 2 million have successfully enrolled (compared to 5 million cancellations, a net loss of 3 million people insured).

It is not known whether these “enrollees” have actually paid, but at least one source reports that the payment part of the Obamacare website is not even up and running.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 5.45.21 PM

According to CNN, only about 20 percent of “enrollees” have actually enrolled, meaning they have purchased the coverage. If those who have “enrolled” didn’t pay by the end of December, they aren’t actually insured.

There’s yet another catch to the 7 million number. The Administration estimates, of those 7 million, at least 2.7 million must…

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