Romney-Ryan: A New Vision, A Historical Choice

After months of exhausting speculation, Gov. Mitt Romney has announced his choice to be the next Vice President of the United States: Paul Ryan. The fresh-faced seven-term Congressman from Wisconsin has youthful charisma, incredible intellect, and down-to-earth eloquence. Ryan has recently risen as the intellectual leader of the Republican party, authoring budgets that would significantly reduce the debt and save entitlements like Medicare from its current path of bankruptcy. His budgets have been passed through the House of Representatives with bipartisan support and the CBO’s blessing, though the Democrat-led Senate won’t even put it to a vote.

As a consequence of President Obama’s failure to lead, the Senate has failed to produce a budget in four years, and the national debt has increased from $10 trillion to $16 trillion, a trend that threatens the US with the promise of hyperinflation and future economic downturns.

Paul Ryan is a man of vision, character, and courage. He has publicly schooled President Obama and Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner on ObamaCare and the national debt respectively.


The fact that Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan focuses this election in a way that a Rob Portman, a Marco Rubio, a Tim Pawlenty, or a Bobby Jindal could not. I am convinced it was the best possible selection. It signals that Mitt Romney is committed to tackling budget issues, and it forces America to have this debate, here and now, instead of kicking the can down the road yet again. The Obama administration and its predecessors have been guilty of burdening my generation with ever-growing debt and the promise of punishment for those who do succeed in the form of tax increases.

Make no mistake. This is not just another election. This is the defining choice in the history of the United States of America: Will the American people go along with the failed philosophies of Europe? Or will it embrace the philosophies that it was founded upon? As Paul Ryan said in his acceptance speech, “America is more than just a place. America is an idea. It is the only country founded on an idea: That our rights come from nature and God, not government!”

But what is even more significant to this election that Paul Ryan offers, even more than his record of character, leadership, and ability to draw crowds, is what this pick means for this election. This is no longer an election defined by the Obama campaign’s attempt to distort and distract from the main issues. Tax returns, contraception, and puppies will no longer be the focus of the networks. Instead, we will have a substantive and critical debate on the future of America, which has been growing dimmer with each passing day.

Romney’s selection of Ryan means that the “Comeback Team” is serious about saving America. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are serious about addressing our 8.3% unemployment with a plan to add 12 million jobs over the next four years. They are committed to tackling the nation’s unsettling budget issues that the Obama administration has been either too disinterested or too incompetent to address.

The CBO says that Medicare will be bankrupt within the next 10 years, which will in turn bankrupt the US. By 2027, our entire economy will be in shambles, on the current path. This represents a clear and present danger to America’s very existence. To ignore this problem would be to our own peril, endangering the future of my generation and beyond. Unfortunately, catastrophically, President Obama has failed to produce a plan to address this problem. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have a plan to save America’s entitlement programs while putting us on track for a balanced budget by the end of the decade. The Obama administration has spent four years proving it is unconcerned with America’s fiscal crisis, and it has no plan.

Like Romney, Ryan is a numbers guy. Together, they make up the smartest presidential ticket in generations. Romney is the brilliant businessman who made a career out of taking failing companies and turning them back into profitable, job-creating enterprises. That’s why he was tapped to lead the 2002 Olympics, which was $500 million in debt before he arrived, and he turned it into a $100 million success. Elected Governor of Massachusetts in the midst of an economic crisis, Romney took a $2 billion deficit and generated a $1 billion surplus while lowering unemployment to 4.6% and cutting taxes 17 times. He did all this while developing a relationship with a 85% Democrat legislature, with which me met with weekly to develop bipartisan relationships and solutions. Romney has defined his life by “turnarounds” and a unique ability to unite people of common goals. He is the right man for the top job in America. We need a turnaround, and we need a uniter.

The Romney-Ryan plan begins with a bipartisan premise that we must reform entitlements in order to not only save these programs, but also to save America itself. As Ryan has pointed out, we are on a path to fiscal disaster by the end of the century, and probably much sooner. Some studies indicate that the American economy would shut down by 2030. We will cease to exist as a free nation if we do not confront our debt woes. We need only to look to Europe to see how debt affects economies. Due to reckless spending and high taxes, Greece is bankrupt and has a 27% unemployment rate.

The Romney-Ryan plan has been dubbed “radical” by the Obama campaign. They’re right. It’s so radical that it would work. What a radical notion that we could actually save Medicare and Social Security from going bankrupt. What a radical notion that we could save the country from economic ruin by putting us on a path to a balanced budget and fiscal solvency. What a radical notion that our government should practice the same fiscal responsibility that average Americans must implement: balancing a budget.

The Obama administration has failed to address the nations two crises: unemployment and debt. Instead, President Obama wasted our time and money by passing a government takeover of health care, a law that cuts Medicare by $700 billion, increases taxes 21 times, and regulates businesses to the point that 80% of business owners are considering dropping health benefits altogether. About 65% of Americans have always been against ObamaCare. For whatever reason, our current “leadership” in Washington D.C. doesn’t seem to care what the people think.

Now, more than ever, we need these two courageous men of vision and intelligence to lead. Never have we had such a clear choice between the socialist philosophies of the Obama administration and the limited government principles that Romney and Ryan hold so dearly. I believe that this is the most important election in the history of the United States. To continue on the path that we are on could lead to an economic crisis that would make the Great Depression look desirable. As Romney has said time and time again, “We have a moral responsibility not to spend more than we take in.”

President Obama likes to talk about fairness. What isn’t fair is my generation being punished for the poor economic choices of the past. The Obama administration likes to talk about taxing the rich, including small business owners, but that will only lead to higher unemployment and could impede growth to the point of another recession. According to a recent study by Earnst and Young, it would lead to at least 700,000 job losses. Obama’s tax increase plan would pay for less than a week of debt. Is this a real deficit-reducing proposal, or just a political ploy via the politics of envy? Since when do we as Americans demonize those who have “made it”? Shouldn’t we applaud the accomplishments of others, not punish them?

The Romney-Ryan plan updates the current antiquated tax code by eliminating tax loopholes and flattening the tax rates so that middle-income families keep more of the money they earn and the job creators are incentivized to hire, expand, and increase salaries. And while Obama has no plan to save Medicare, the Romney-Ryan plan will not affect those who are 55 years and older, but it will preserve Medicare for future generations by making it less government-oriented.

Make no mistake, the Obama campaign is concerned about a Romney-Ryan ticket. Charles Krouthammer described him as  a young Ronald Reagan, with an uncanny knack to convey conservative principles with an authenticity and empathy that is captivating. However, some have called him “Kennedy-esque” because his youth and passion for solutions reflect JFK in striking ways.

It is time for leadership, it’s time for solutions. Enough of the empty rhetoric, broken promises, and failed polices of the Obama administration. It’s time to embrace a new vision for America, a vision of prosperity and growth for an American century. It’s time to put proven leaders in charge, leaders who have the experience, the intelligence, the character, and the vision to grow the economy and restore fiscal sanity to Washington D.C. It’s time to believe in America, to believe in the founding principles that made us great.

In this election, the stakes could not be higher. And the choice could not be clearer.


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