The Villain at the End of The Amazing Spider-Man: It’s Not Who You Think

Having just watched the stellar reboot of the Spider-Man franchise dubbed The Amazing Spider-Man, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the final scene in which Doc Connors is visited by a mysterious figure who seems to have special knowledge of the fate of Peter Parker’s parents.

From a few shots of the short scene, we can see that the shadowy figure has long, messy hair, hands with older skin, and is dressed in long flowing garb.

Fans and blogs are abuzz as to who this potential sequel-villain could be. As you can see in the video above, all that we see is messy hair and older hands. He also has a gravely voice and is wearing some type of long, cloak-like garment. Most importantly, he seems to appear and then disappear into thin air.

Connors appears to be alone, but there is a sinister voice. A moment later, a shadowy figure stands before him.

Since I am not a huge comic book fan, I turned to a friend of mine, Jordan Peters, who is a lifelong Spider-Man fan. He has seen the movie and the bonus scene multiple times. The following is his list of possible villains, concluding with his opinion of who it almost certainly is.


PROS: Roderick Kingsley is an associate of Norman Osborn, the owner of Oscorp. Oscorp played a pivotal role in The Amazing Spider-Man. The gravely voice is a signature characteristic of this villain in the 1990s cartoon. He is also connected to Connors.

CONS: The reboot did not introduce us to either of the Osborns, much less Kingsley. Also, Hobgoblin does not have the ability to disappear.


PROS: At first glance, this looks like an attractive possibility. Mysterio debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man #13 comic, and he has the ability to appear and disappear. He also wears a long cape.

CONS: In Jordan’s opinion, Mysterio is too weak of a villain for this new Spider-Man franchise and has no connection to the storylines introduced in the new movie. He is also only ever seen wearing his plexiglass helmet.


PROS: The lightning imagery featured in this short scene immediately calls to mind the shocking villain known as Electro. He is a strong villain and would provide the moviemakers with plenty of exciting visuals.

CONS: He cannot disappear, and he has no known connection to the current storylines.


PROS: Judging by a quick search on Google, this is the most common guess by bloggers. Some are suggesting that Green Goblin is Spider-Man’s version of The Joker and that the reboot could explore the Goblin in new ways, like The Dark Knight did with the re-imagined arch-nemesis of Batman. Normon Osborn owns Oscorp and would be an acquaintance of Connors. The hair, his voice, and his age recalls Willem Defoe’s 2002 version of The Green Goblin.

CONS: First of all, the Green Goblin can’t disappear. The attire is also off. And most importantly, Jordan thinks that the public has seen enough of the goblins from the first trilogy and they will likely not be re-visited anytime soon. Spider-Man has such a wide universe of interesting villains, it’s unlikely they will return to the Green Goblin or even Hobgoblin.

As of now, it seems that Mysterio is the most likely choice, and we have effectively ruled out Green Goblin and Hobgoblin. But there is another little known character who is pivotal to the rise of some of Spider-Man’s most dangerous enemies.


Baron Mordo is highly intelligent, a skilled hypnotist, and most importantly, he’s a user of astral projection and teleportation. His voice has a gravely tone in the 1990s cartoon, he has similar hair, is older, and he wears a long flowing garment. In the cartoon, he is seen in the same scenes as Doctor Connors and is interested in some of his technology.

Michael Massee is rumored to be portraying the villain portrayed at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man.

So who is Baron Mordo? He is strongly associated with interstellar villains, but most importantly, he is responsible for the symbiote suits that possess Eddie Brock and Cletus Kasady. Those characters transform into Venom and Carnage respectively. In the cartoon, he gives the symbiote suits to them as part of his master plan to steal technology from Doctor Connors (as seen in the YouTube clip at the bottom of the page).

The most definitive case for Baron Mordo may be that, in some comics, Richard Parker is revealed as the creator of the symbiote suit that becomes Venom. And Richard Parker is specifically mentioned by the mystery villain of The Amazing Spider-Man. CHECK. MATE.

UPDATE NOTE: Having recently combed the final scene for any additional clues, we now see that there is one other hint regarding the identity of the figure. With the last flash of lightning, it appears he is wearing a fedora hat. We know of no important character in the Spider-Man universe who wears a fedora. However, this is quite possibly the same hat that Peter Parker’s father wears earlier in the film. Some have used this as evidence that the shadowy figure is actually Richard Parker. However, it seems unlikely that Peter’s father would refer to himself in the third person, or that another actor would be cast to play a character who would be but 10 years older.  Jordan and I believe that the hat is an intentional clue that this figure not only knows what happened to Richard Parker, but is possibly holding him against his will. If the figure is indeed Baron Mordo, it could mean that he is forcing Parker to develop technology such as the symbiote suits. 

With the Lizard being a darker, edgier villain, compounded with the new franchise’s more daring tone, it seems likely that the new Spider-Man saga could be on a fast track to featuring a Venom that is more terrifying than the one featured in Spider-Man 3. There have been several rumors circulating about a stand-alone movie for Venom that is in the works. It would make sense for Venom to be re-introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, opening the door for a stand-alone Venom movie.

But what would be most attractive about a big-screen adaptation of Baron Mordo is the possibility of Carnage, who is described as being stronger than Spider-Man and Venom combined. As featured in this clip from the Spider-Man cartoon of the 1990s, Carnage is an unstoppable force that is a very exciting prospect for big-screen consideration.

So you heard it here first, folks! Feel free to share and comment below.

Special thanks to Jordan Peters for making this post possible.

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20 thoughts on “The Villain at the End of The Amazing Spider-Man: It’s Not Who You Think

  1. Could be Sundown, he can teleport, is a enemy of Doc Connors and Green goblin. If was him, will be a great strategy to add Iron Patriot on Iron Man 3 (and start all the saga of the goblins), but could be Eric Savin and i’m saying shit haha

    • That was my first thought too.
      I never even read the comics but I remembered him from a sourcebook I had.

  2. There is the issue of who “owns” each character. I know Sony has the rights to a lot of the main Spider-Man characters like Green Goblin, Venom, Sandman, etc. Would Sony legally be able to use characters like Electro, Baron Mordo, Mysterio..?

    • I was wondering that too, because Baron Mordo was first a Dr. Strange villain so I think Disney and Marvel have the rights to him.

  3. There has been lots of speculation about whether Sony/Columbia Pictures has the rights to some of these characters. I have yet to find definitive press releases or articles with credible sources. One widely-read blogger insisted that Baron Mordo is under the Doctor Strange brand and is therefore under Marvel’s ownership. However, I have found two recent articles which imply that Columbia Pictures has the rights to Doctor Strange including this one ( Another article I read indicated that Paramount may have the rights to Doctor Strange. Again, I do not know if the rights to Doctor Strange also indicate the rights to Baron Mordo or other characters connected to Spider-Man. If someone can clear this up for me, I’d be appreciative.

  4. After doing some research, I’m leaning towards Baron Mordo as well, and a lot has to do with the fact that Disney/Marvel is working on a Venom movie that is rumored to be intended to be tied into the amazing spiderman universe. Since Venom is still in the writing phase, I’d say we can wait for the third amazing spiderman film (announced to be a trilogy, and yes, third with venom again) to see Venom added in. If the rumors of the tie-in are correct.

  5. Maybe it was Kraven the Hunter…old Spidey foe and the fedora fits in with the stereotype of a big game hunter.

  6. It Can’t be Mordo. Mordo is a a Doctor Strange Villain first and foremost, so he is almost CERTAINLY not going to be part of the Spider-Man license that Sony bought. The 90s cartoon branched out a lot into the whole Marvel Mythos, most of those characters are not going to be owned by Sony.

  7. All the Electro theory has going for it is the lightning flash, but to be fair, have you ever seen a movie scene where there ISN’T lightning outside of the mental prison where the villian is?

    I pray that it’s not Peters dad, because lets face it, that would suck.

    It could have been Chameleon, but I don’t know how he would ‘teleport’ in and out.

    We know that it’s not Green Goblin, but I think that we might see him in a later movie, because they kept referring to him. And it doesn’t make sense to include Hobgoblin without Green Goblin, so I don’t think it will be him.

    Don’t really reckon it’s Mysterio, simply because he didn’t have his iconic fishbowl on his head, and he wouldn’t have a fedora!

    Only reason that I don’t think it’s not Baron Mordo is because i doubt that Sony has/could get the rights to him, and because I would imagine that they are trying to go for more (at least slightly) well known villians.

    The Jackal would make sense, considering the whole Gwen Stacy thing, and I’d love to see Ben Reilly in a movie, but it would be hard for them to not fail at trying to put the Clone Saga in a movie.

    Personally though, I reckon it’s Morbius. Massee looked the part in that seen and being a vampire he could easily get into the cell. Also, anyone who played the Amazing Spider-man game might have noticed that they mentioned a Dr Michael Morbius as being the Oscorp scientist that brought Rhino into existance (in the Rhino Character Bio, if anyone wants to check). This proves that he’s a likely character that could easily be brought into the movie. Though I don’t know how good a Spider-man movie would be with a vampire as the main villain.

    If it’s not Morbius though, I reckon it could have been Ezekiel, only because Massee looked like him in that scene. Don’t know how he could have anything to do with Oscorp or Richard Parker’s disappearance, but Spidey vs Morlun might not be too bad in a movie(?)

  8. chameleon? didnt he pose as richard parker for awhile? i dont remember anymore. too early for symbiote suit. maybe dr. ock. maybe norman osbourne. id disregard characters like prowler, electro, shocker, morbius, maybe vulture or hobgoblin? the movie did allude to extravolution so a potential hint at man-spider in the future if even briefly.

  9. Wait guys. Wouldn’t it be cool if it really was Carnage. Carnage was my favorite villian growing up. BUT! Carnage is a Rated R character, or even worse. He’s a serial killer with a twisted mind similar to that of the character Sweet Tooth of Twisted Metal. There is no way they can have Carnage in the movie of spiderman that is for kids. If they do happen to bring in Carnage, he should be able to escape Spiderman in the movie only to end up fighting the avengers. Carnage is that strong to take on the avengers no doubt. That would be a very cool thing to happen in the movies.

  10. Everyone is forgetting about Adrian Toomes/the Vulture…Adrian Toomes was an older man which explains the “gravelly”voice, he was part owner of Oscorps biggest rival company. (However at one point during the movie where Rajit Ratha is threatening Dr Connors, Ratha refers to Norman Osborne and the owner of Oscorpe as if they were 2 different people. So Toomes could be the leading shareholder in Oscorpe, or a fellow scientist who simply works there.) Hes an electronics engineer which allowed him to build his suit.

    And anyway who says that this mystery character has to “disappear”? For all we know there could have been a secret panel behind where he was standing.

    Another thing to be considered is that Rhys Ifans(Dr Connors/The Lizard) told ‘It Ain’t Cool News’ that “The man in the shadows was not Norman Osborne(Green Goblin), but is a representative of Oscorpe, and someone the fans are familiar with.”

    So if Adrian Toomes is indeed working at Oscorpe, this desription would fit him almost perfectly. (Note: During the Amazing Spiderman video game Connors refers specifically to Micheal Morbius as being a fellow scientist at Oscorpe saying that (Paraphrased) ‘No one was as interested in my work as Micheal Morbius was’. So the description of a “representative of Oscorpe” could also strongly fit Micheal Morbius.)

    One last possibility, and bear in mind this is the weakest one…Someone said in the previous comments that no famous marvel villain wears a fedora hat. I beg to differ. Think back to the second Tobey Maguire spiderman movie…In the scene where Dr. Octopus is robbing the bank…guess what hes wearing on top of his head? A very fashionable Fedora hat!

    So in conclusion, Strongest possibility: Adrian Toomes/ The Vulture

  11. Hmm, Just how long more do Sony own Spiderman? It could be a deliberate plan for Sony to chain its story out until it is time for Spiderman to return to Marvel (expiry date for license). They will then be able to link to Stark Enterprise and Dr Strange for a proper Venom and Carnage story. Also, Sony could milk the last of Spiderman until then. Win-Win situation for both parties.

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